Our Philosophy

All of us (both in the DIVEIndia mothership and here at Island Scuba) are divers ourselves and have a very simple principle when it comes to how we run our dive centers – we would like it to be the sort of place where we would want to dive, if we were on vacation. What matters to us:  experienced dive guides who know the sites, instructors who are committed to creating good divers, a focus on safety, a commitment to ensuring that each diver has the best possible time and remembering that diving is meant to be fun for everyone!

The Island Scuba Story

In the beginning, there was just sea.   Nishan Perera was a Colombo-based diver who, along with his former partner Naren Gunasekera, wanted to spend more time exploring these waters.   However, challenged by the lack of professional dive centers in Colombo they finally decided to take matters into their own hands and started their own diving club.  And thus, on the beaches of Mt Lavinia, Island Scuba was born.

During the course of their diving and exploring, Nishan and Naren discovered many of the fantastic wrecks off the coast of Colombo.    Their commitment to quality diving, and the prevalence of post-dive tamarind martinis at their old beachside base, meant that Island Scuba soon grew into a small but highly-regarded dive center with a devoted group of customers who knew the secret that was Colombo diving.

And now, big plans are afoot.   Island Scuba has expanded to operations in Trincomalee and also partnered with DIVEIndia, India’s largest dive operator with operations across the country, to help increase the scale of operations and bring in several exciting new offerings.

But our goal remains the same:  to provide high-quality, professional diving services with a fun, relaxed vibe.    And all of us here at Island Scuba would love to share the amazing diving of Colombo with you!

IS Team Photo

Nishan Perera


A marine biologist, underwater photographer and travel writer, Nishan has been diving since 1996 and knows more about the local dive sites of Colombo than virtually anyone else in the world. He is also the co-founder of Blue Resources Trust, a marine research & conservation organization, with projects ongoing in various parts of Sri Lanka.  Notoriously forgetful, he is well known for diving without some of his equipment or losing things – if you come across any misplaced items at the dive shop, they are most likely his.

Jez (not Jay Z)

Demi Overlord

You have probably communicated with him on email (or will do so, once you send us an email.   Not to sound too needy, but you ARE sending us an email, right?   You don’t call, you don’t write…).     You will see him running around the dive shop, sorting out everything to ensure our divers have a great time.    And if you are REALLY lucky, you may even see him in the water – we do recommend buying a lottery ticket on that day, as he is as reluctant to dive these days as he is to spend a winter in his native UK. An experienced PADI instructor, Jez worked in Thailand, Indonesia and the Andaman Islands before moving to Sri Lanka. The rest of the staff don’t always understand him (or believe him when he says he speaks a form of English), but he is loved by everyone nonetheless.



A French national, Antonio aka Anthony is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer who has been diving for more than 15 years.  An intrepid traveler who has been to more than 75 countries, Antonio moved to Colombo with his wife who works as a French teacher. It didn’t take him long to fall in love with the diving and become an integral part of the team. Antonio also claims to be a fan of underground  cinema (although that is probably a requirement to be French), 70’s prog rock and industrial-electro music from the 90s and 00s.   We are yet to see this side of him but look forward to seeing him let his hair down (ahem) at a staff party some day.



Another French national, Bryce has worked in Australia, Thailand and other locations in Sri Lanka as a dive professional, before ending up with Island Scuba.


West-side Divemaster

Ollie is a long-time Colombo-based Divemaster, who is (a) not French and (b) has a LOT of experience diving on the wrecks of Colombo.   Prior to this, he worked on a liveaboard in Australia before returning back home. Full of energy and always ready to have a good time, it is hard to keep him away from the sea. In fact, he loves the sea so much he decided to once spend more than 24 hours in the water drifting along the Colombo coastline (not with us, we should clarify!).


East-side Divemaster

Hailing from the eastern part of Sri Lanka, quiet and mild-mannered Ashok turns into an eagle-eyed spotter under the water with a near-encyclopedia-like knowledge of the dive sites of Trinco as well as Colombo. He exudes peace and calmness both in the water and above.