Guest Blogging

Guest Blog Guidelines

Who can guest blog?

We will accept guest posts from other bloggers or established online writers. This means that if you want to guest post on travel4foodfun, you should have your own blog or be a staff writer for an established website; unless otherwise invited by one of our team members and we will review content prior publishing.


We will accept guest posts on any travel, food or fun related topic as long as we haven’t covered it already.


  • All guest posts should have a minimum of 750 words but each case may vary and will be considered
  • All submitted content must be unique and cannot be published elsewhere, or in the past, or in the future. What you can of course do is a link to the article from your own blog to let your readers know it’s been published.
  • All guest posts should be written in correct English
  • The guest poster must provide at least one image with each article and this image needs to comply with all copyright rules (creative commons is okay).
  • Articles written based on a combination of personal experience and research are preferred over articles purely based on some research.

What you get in return

  • A short bio at the end of your post including links to your website and two social media accounts of your choice
  • Promotion of the article through our social media channels
  • The opportunity to introduce yourself to a new audience
  • A link-back to your site

What I expect from you after publication

  • You should promote the article through your social media channels
  • You should check back regularly to answer any comments on your post

If you’re interested in guest blogging on travel4foodfun, feel free to contact us at with an article idea and a link to your website or writing samples.

Once more: any promotional, commercial link added to an article is considered advertisement. Please treat it as such. That means no emailing me to say you have ‘unique content’ for my site and all you want is a small (read: commercial) link in the body of your article. If you want any commercial link in your post, your post will be considered advertisement. We are currently not taking on any type of advertisement at the present time.  Thanks for your understanding and look forward to working with you.

Tom & Lora